Right-click pop-up missing 'Vertex..Face..Edge' options


Just tonight when I opened Maya, I found that when I right-click-hold on objects, the pop-up where you choose Vertex, Face, Edge…etc. does not have those options floating at top. The long drop-down list is still there (where you choose Material Attributes, etc.), but for some reason those separate little rectangles you normally click to choose vertices, edges, faces are missing.

Has anyone got any idea why those things might suddenly disappear? I tried looking through all the settings and preferences but couldn’t see anything that appeared to have changed, so I’d appreciate any ideas on how to fix this so I can get back to work.



To quickly answer my own question…I found that the issue was that I’d selected the object in the Outliner, but when zooming in close to work on a part of it, I was inadvertently looking through the wireframe of a camera. That meant that right-clicking at that point had the camera effectively in the way of the object I was trying to deal with, so no amount of right clicking where I thought the object was would give the pop-ups to work with vertices and edges.

Needless to say, as long as there’s nothing in the way of the object, the pop-up does show the options to work with the vertices/faces/edges.

Eh, pilot error as they say.


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