Rigging/Skinning a High poly game Character


I want to first point out that I have basically no experience when it comes to making models for games, all the characters I’ve done so far have been for movies. I’m asking here because there is basically no info for this on the net.

       So I've made a character that is over 35,000 polygons and, I've modeled the head, torso, legs, etc. individually and applied textures individually, and after that attached them together into one mesh where every texture inside has a unique map channel, so everything is in the right place and works great. Because my understanding is that it's better if everything is in one mesh for the character in a game.
       So I've made the rig, bones, IK, etc. and now it's time to apply it to the mesh to the Skin modifier in 3dsmax and of course I remember that this isn't how I did for movie stuff. For movies, everything was modeled in low poly first and I apply skin modifier, adjust it and then subdivide the model(TurboSmooth) to make it look finer and smoother.
       So now, do I have to go through this painstaking process of adjusting the skin vertices through the whole high poly model or are there any other (easier) methods that can be applied? Because it seems to make the rig somewhat slow aswell. I tried making a low poly model and apply that with skin wrap modifier to the original model, but the results were not very good.


Hey Ya !

Mind posting a pic so we can get a better idea of whats going on? I’m not sure I understand the issue here and from what I know you shouldn’t be getting any issues if you painted weights properly and the likes.


Yeah, sure. I have to point out that I’m using 3ds Max 2009.


   So far the only way I can get "reasonable" results is by almost only adjusting the Envelopes alone. When I tried to paint weights or change value on vertices individually, not only is it a pain in the butt, but the results are awful for the most part. I remember painting weights for the low poly models when I made for the film stuff, and it worked great, it's just right now it's too many polygons and thus too many vertices to work with for skinning.


Perhaps you can give this script a try: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx0J3KYrcqU&index=17&list=PLE8DE355AA302B4C8