Rigging reel


Hi all,

this is my last rigging reel, using blendshape, switch ik/fk, stretchy leg and arm, squash and strectch and many others :slight_smile:

Here the link to the video
right click and save target as…

This rig was made with maya, not using plugin

I hope u will like it
C&C are welcomed


Nice Rigs Poonks!


Love the character!

For the demonstration of the reel I don’t think you need to show every bit of the rig especially if a lot of the feature are found in “tutorial” rig feature.

Personally I donÂ’t care, I like the rig but it seems to be a growing trend to be a rigger you have to show something crazy that you thought up to even be considered in the ranks.

Like Malcolm Gustave (at Blur) frequently cursed out loud in open labs at school

“Rigging is a basted art!!!”


very nice…


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