Rigging Reel



I graduated a few months shy of a year ago from UCF with my BA in Digital Media. As I’ve been having difficulty in finding employment since then (understatement), I’ve been honing my craft at home, at a slow but steady pace. Here’s the latest updated version of my rigging reel. I wanted to share it with you all, and hopefully get some feedback so that I may keep improving!

Mike Navarro Rigging Reel:

Please feel free to comment and don’t hesitate to tear my reel to shreds. You are more than welcome to! :slight_smile:


Hey nice reel :thumbsup: your riggs all look pretty user friendly and clean. the 1st fish has some cool parts to it nice work :slight_smile: this isn’t really a crit or anything, just thought I would through this out there for ya. I have found that lots of animators like double up controls, for example say you have a wrist control for rotating well your animating your adding values on all rotations X,Y,Z so in the graph editor it gets really messy or can get anyway. but if you put at least 2 controls at each spot the animator can choose to animate just the one cntrl or they can animate different rotation directions on each cntrl individually so when they go in the graph editor it’s clean for each cntrl.

the hierarchy:
CNTRL 1 (parent)
CNTRL 2 (child)
and so on for however many different movements it can do or animators want :wink:

plus it makes it easier to have more directions of motion happening, in a non destructive way. i’m a big fan of non destructive work flows :smiley: anyway like I said not a crit really cuz most riggs don’t have that, but just thought I would throw that out there :wink: keep up the good work i’m sure the jobs will come to you.


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

I’d never even considered an idea like that before, with the doubled up controls for rotation. Interesting, I’ll have to try that out! Can see where they could prove to be really helpful. Thanks again!


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