Rigging Question



I have to animate a wire like a snake. Is there a setup I can use so I don’t have to keyframe bone by bone?


selection sets in the scene editor is what i would go for, leave it all FK and have fun

You could setup IK but you will loss some control so that’s why i would FK the snake :wise:


If you did decide to go with IK you could set up multilple goals to try to keep good control of it…


You might be able to pull the animation off with hypervoxels and particle effects. On the third party LW[8] cd there is a tutorial on growing vines. I think using those ideas with different texture settings could get a wire-looking object to grow along a path, or follow the path depending on how you set the particle’s lifespan.
I don’t know what kind of animation you need to do with your object, rigging it or using particle effects each has advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are doing.


I would look at using Trailer from DStorm, IKBooster in LW8, Bezier Bend or Shift Spline Transform. :slight_smile:


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