Rigging paint fx hair



I’ve built an insect and added hair in paint-fx by hand. However i can’t work out how to bind it to the mesh, it keeps crashing Maya. It doesn’t have any dynamics it’s just hard jutting tiny hairs.

Any tips on how to do this? Any tutorials out there?



Sorry my initial question was a bit brief. Here’s a bit of history. I had a low poly mesh, rigged and bound. I duped the mesh and smoothed it for more accurate hair painting. Now the hair is ready on the new mesh, and converted to polys with history intact.

Now my problem is, i can’t get the new hair back onto the original low poly mesh- i’ve tried the ‘transfer all strokes to new object’ and it’s a classic maya ‘suprise surprise, this button, which could be really helpful, doesn’t work’ situation.

Is there a way to do this manually in the Hypershade?

Is the next step to try and bind the paint fx hairs or parent them in groups?


if the skin of your insect is rigid, its probably the easiest to group your PFX strokes together and parent them to your rig or skeleton. Otherwise skin, and copy the weights from your skin to the strokes to get the same deformation. Also delete the history of the PFX strokes, if you dont need PFX internal deformation.


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