Rigging or Animation specialization.


Hello everyone,

I am currently going to school for a bachelors in computer animation and have run into a hangup. I am currently in a class where I have to choose a specialization and have boiled it down to 2 that I want to excel at. I found that rigging has come more natural to me (at least the basic stages) and that my animation skillset needs work. There will be further animation classes I will take as well as a rigging class that goes more in depth to programming.

The main question on my mind is should I focus on one that is in more demand, from what I understand is rigging, or should I round out my Animation skill while I can and be good at both.
If you have any other thoughts on which one would be the better bet for now I would love to hear them.


If you enjoy Rigging I would suggest sticking with it and pushing yourself. That is if it is something you enjoy. Rigging is typically in demand year round and often artist that come out of schools have mid level rates available to them immediately. Animation is almost the extreme opposite for job placement but if it’s something you love then its worth the time. I personally wouldnt hire the same artist to rig and animate. if you are at a smaller house that is looking for an animation generalist you may have to but I would go with rigging and choose my own path.