Rigging of the incredible Hulk



Here is a rig I’m working on. Pretty simple, base rig is a biped in 3dsmax I added some strech bone to get better deformation and add skin morph also. Not finished yet, but it’s coming.

I did many poses to see how he react with those. Let me know what you think about that.

More to come soon.

So here is the rig :

and here are some renders shots:

and viewport screen capture:

I will post a video once I wll have finished the upperbody.


seems a really solid work my friend
i hope to see soon the video


Excellent work, look like it is working well in the upper body. Love to see it moving as well.


OOOooo looks great! can’t wait to see him in motion! nice shader also.


Very nice deformations. I think you have paid a great attention to details. I just keep observing them more and more.

Looking forward to see them in motion.


Cool…:scream:…Wanna see him in action (Make him more angry)…


awesome deformations, I look forward to seeing him in motion :smiley:


Hey thank’s all! :slight_smile:

So here are 2 vids’ one from, the front and one form the back, I need to adjust my last skin morph, he jag a bit, so not finished, I’m a bit bore of the skin morph, really nice feature but must be more flexible… And I did use CS for the base rig… if I do a custom one in bone, gonna be better, the twisting bone of the arm(not the forearm,they are ok) are pure shit, I hope they will fix it… one day…

So here are the vids, it’s just for testing the rig, not an animation.



Let me know what you think about it.


Looking good. No wait … pretty darn good.


Looks great :slight_smile:


pretty good job not any croorection morpher with skinmorph or morphx2 ???

really nice deformation and conversation of volume, does this rig got dinamic and the muscles spring-based or deformation of the msucles sliding.

kudos job :).

any topology mesh wire will be great , looks the mesh is relly well built for deformations.


I find Skin Morph works quite well but it is just a bit of a pain to use. Morphx2 I have also used but found it a bit of a pain as well but it does work well.


much prefer morphx2 you can make it behave as you want , and manage it with nice expresion , not to keen of the angle aproach that fades one time you reach the desire angle.


they are both ways a pain in the ass actually :slight_smile:
btw does morphx2 work on the angle of the joints if you set an IK chain too? ( and by work i mean in a straight forward way )

Bigguns nice setup, could be cool to see it with some muscle dinamics and skin slidding! :slight_smile:


Watched the video…Very cool muscle deformation indeed…:D…


As expected, in motion it looks awesome too. I believe your model has great edge loop structure.

Would it be possible for you to post a T-pose wireframe and a wireframe of any pose?



wow, great rig with awesome deformation. Could someone from the Max-folks be so kind and tell a non-Max dude what a stretch bone is/does? Sounds useful and I haven`t heard that before. Thanks!


Very nice job :).
Please work more on the skin morphs, becoz sometimes in the videos it sims muscles deformation values are more big than it’s real. And for sliding and jigiling i recommened you the Skin FX.

Good luck.


The muscle deformation is not perfect. But your bone-based rig should be really fast, it’s definitely a good solution. Nice shader and model too.


Man, toujours plus de muscles :slight_smile:

Nice job !