Rigging & LODs


We have some mid-resolution (around 8000 tri) characters that we want to skin/ rig but we also want to have some LODs for them, here is my question:

Should we skin/rig the high-res character first then create LODs versions of it? Can a skin/rig be transferred from a high-res to a low-res version of the character?

Or should we skin/rig the high-res character first then redo the same job for the LODs?


Im not a rigger but i have done some character LODs for smaller project.

We always do skinning on LOD0 (most detail lod) and then transfer the skinweight to lower LODs via the characters UVmap since the uv layout will be the same on all the lods (using the export weights maps in maya).

You should also remove some extra joints on the LOD riggs and reduce the influences per vertex when binding.

Maybe someone with more rigging experience can chime in


Ok thanks.
Knowing that each character has a set of different materials, do you think it’s better to do LODs by hand are use the maya generate LODs tool because we gave that tool a try and it did a horrible job as you can see below: