Rigging legs so they can retract into the body of a bird? (Star wars Porg)


I am modelling and rigging a porg from star wars for a university assignment. I am not sure what the best way to rig it is, so that the legs can retract into the body, but still bend at the knee and jump? Any help would be very much appreciated.



This is rig by many ways i think best way is you create two joint chain main chain is ik chain and second chain is retract chain driven by attribute at the time of retract the ik handle is disable and parent to the retract chain otherwise work normal


Do you know where I could find a visual example of this? Thank you very much for the help, but im still a little confused.


Sorry i dont any visual if you wish i do for you


thank you! If its no trouble, please could you.


ok Please send me model and reference of leg exact what you want on shuklam26@gmail.com