Rigging FK arm so body rotation doesn't affect its rotation?


Hi, there are a few rigs that have an option for fk arms called “shoulder orient” or “orient to placement”. Do you know about any tutorial that teach how to do it? Also are there any free rigging plugins like TSM that have this feature? Thank you.


It is about isolation of rotation from the parent. Suppose when you fold your elbow, wrist follow it. On isolation of the rotation from elbow, u need to have a “Null Group with 0,0,0 value” (you need a top group which will take its world space values) oriented to wrist rotation; towards which the the wrist orient constraint is switched. There can be number of “Null Group” which are parented to shoulder, head, hip or placement ctrl towards which the wrist is orient constrained and take the ration of the constraint parent though it is a child of the elbow. Hope this helps.