Rigging a Feline tutorials...?


I’m hoping somebody can help me out on this one…I’ve got a cat character that needs rigging with Biped, but I’ve never really done it before, and I’m looking for just a few hints and guidelines for getting it right in a way that won’t make Biped sad or rebel.

Thing is, some schmuck created something called Character Animation Toolkit, abbreviated it CAT, and now that’s all Google searches will spew up. Doesn’t even help to change “cat” to “kitty” or “feline”; Google decides those mean ‘cat’ and, well…

Does anybody know where I can find a good tutorial on how to rig a cat?


Well, then use it. I don’t like linking a whole channel, but if you want to rig properly with CAT, you need to watch this guy’s videos:


i think OP doesn’t have CAT cos her Max is ancient (no CAT rigs)


the keyword you should use is quadrupe/d when searching



CAT is quite older than her Max .
At least 3dsmax7.


I think you can do a search on youtube, I think it’s definitely there, try to find out a bit more , trust me