rigging a crane


i know it’s not a character but idk how i would go about riggin it

ok so I have a crane I’ve modeled. and I need to rig it simply… all it has to do is turn the base… this isnt my problem really my problem is how to make the cable and payload move realistically and is there any way I can rig it up to have it it auto mated so I dont have to manually keyframe it

only the arm section is being shown hense why thats the only part with any sort of detail lol the other stuff is just there just because


I’m not to experienced with rigging but you might be able to use a spline IK


Some one correct me if i’m wrong .


thanks alot

does anyone know if theres a way to set up a dampening setup? i know how to do it in mition builder… for like tails and hair and such that way it’ll settle back to the original position


do you need the rig for “just” animating the crane and output it as video or do you want to use it in a real time environment?
if its just animation i would go in and solve the rotation of the upper part without any real rigging, just parent it to the lower part, move the pivot to the right position and rotate the mesh.
for the rope i would use a simnple joint chain with enough joints to give good deformation to the rope and animate it by hand really. follow thorugh animation is something every animator shoul dbe able to do :slight_smile:


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