Rigging a character question


I am seriously considering buying the Intermediate Rigging set DVDs by Paul Neale because I want to start doing some test animation with a character I’ve been modeling. Reading the info on his DVDs it seems like using the bones system is the prefered method of bringing characters to life instead of using Character Studios biped. Does rigging with bones give better animation control for the designer than rigging with a biped?


Thats like asking whats the difference between chalk and cheese! Biped is a solution for bipedal character animation, with things like foot steps, mocap,layers,blending etc etc To this you dont rig with biped unless you making plugins or scripts which bolt on to its systems. - Because biped is a solution. Everythings links, setup apart from skinning.

Bones is not a complete solution - infact you cant rig with just bones. You can add a skeleton. But rigging or setup use constraints, wireparams, script_controllers, expressions, math, skinning etc - adding bones is just a part or this. Rigging is the process of giving the bones limits, ik, constraints to work. And them ontop of this the puppet is what the animator controls in the shape of splines, objects, markers,buttons etc etc

These dvd’s are exellent, if you want to get into rigging, or just want to rig better i strongly advise them. Im a custom kid, ive never really liked custom bipedal/cat/TSM2 rigging tools - there just too locked down for my liking, but i love to rig, because then i know exactly how the characters gunna move.


Thanks for the insight. I am gonna buy this DVD set. Plus I really want to do a facial rig so my characters can talk and show different types of expressions.:thumbsup:


i was wondering if u can post a link to his dvd?? i tried a search on amazon and cant seem to find it…

nm, just noticed he was part of cg academy!


Just follow the links in my signature for the DVD’s.

I hope that you get lots out of them. I’m with Charles on using custom rigs as I can create them. That isn’t to say there isn’t a place for CS or other canned options. CS is a great tool for what it is designed to do. 90% of the work that I do it story telling type animation and not game cycles so custom rigs give you the flexability to create characters rigs that the animators want. As you get good at it you can start to generate all the tools in custom rigs that canned solutions have and more.


I want my characters to speak so that is one of the reasons why I’m getting the Box set. I guess what I could do is just rig the face for facial animations and just use the biped for body animations. But then if I did that, I wouldn’t really learn anything about making custom rigs and stuff which I want to do so that idea is out. Plus, even though I know nothing about rigs, I believe you have better control of the character. I don’t know if motion capture data can be applied to rigs but I don’t want to use motion capture anyways because most of the files on the net aren’t tailored to my taste I guess.


It isn’t hard to setup a custom rig to handle mocap, I’m doing it right now, but I don’t cover it on the DVD’s. Learning to character rig has spin offs into other areas. Lets say your character has to pedel a bike, well knowing how to rig a character will help you with the task of having to rig the bike, and CS isn’t going to be of much use to you for that.


for the dvds, it says “This DVD is aimed at 3dsmax users that are familiar with the basics of rigging such as IK and FK systems, Expression, Script and Reactor Controllers and so on.”

what if im not familiar with them?? do you think it would be a problem to follow and learn??


I personally don’t think it will be a problem. Example: I modeled a character for the first time. Its not done yet but I modeled it. And I didn’t even know what half of the tools do. Luckily I had the Joan of Arc tutorial to follow. Reading the Max help files help it a little bit too. And plus there are some tutorials online that cover the basics of some of that stuff. I’m getting the DVD and I have no clue what I’m doing so hopefully that’ll make you feel better:thumbsup:


cool. i might consider gettin the set then.


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