rigged model download for animation practice?


Are there any free 3D models with a rig out there I can download and practice animating with? I have a basic, hairless and clothless man from class, but would like to practice animating other things too. Not sure if rigs are program-specific, but we’re using SoftImage in class. Thanks alot!


There are a few different rigs out there to try out:

Malcolm rig from Animschool - great rig, loads of control:

Roman: http://www.puppetstring.com/blg/?p=93

Mark and Bob - website appears to be down which is a shame but you can download the local backup from this great resource: http://rray.de/xsi/ search for ‘cartoon rigs’

Actually, if you just search for ‘rig’ on there, you’ll get a whole list…


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