Rig Referencing Issue


Hi all…
I encountered with this problem while referencing my tweaked version of Morphy. In the Reference editor, it shows a lock sign and Maya doesnt allow me to unlock it anyway. Also, the channels of all the Controls are locked. Now i can do nothing except staring the rig…:curious:… i tried referencing the original Morphy Rig which Josh provided, it comes in smoothly… but when i edited it and saved it wid a new name, tried to reference it… the issue comes up… m also posting the screen shots of the problem i encountered…

any help wud be greatly appreciated… Thanx in advance


In the reference window, go to the reference menu. There are commands for locking/unlocking references. See if that works.

Also, check your “create reference” options, make sure you uncheck “lock” for all future rigs. To be safe, just reset the reference options window.


thanks Koldred for replying, however i already tried all these options… but in vain…:curious:
also i tried unlocking the attributes via a script… again no use.
and i also looked up my referencing options… they look fine and dandy… dont know what’s going wrong… however thanx fr taking time.



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