rig plotting issues


Hey I was wondering if anyone else has come across this and would possibly have a work around.

I’ve been having issues plotting to and from the rig. The issues are sometimes and it’s not always when I go from the skeleton to the rig on say something like an idle loop I get foot sliding on the rig when there wasn’t any on the skeleton. Also when I look at the skeleton and rig there seems to be an offset or the hips or the rig go forward when the hips of the skeleton go back. I can’t tell if it’s just an offset or what.

I found the fix for this is using the HIK4.5 rig, but the problem is a lot of the animations I’m doing have double solving with weapons which I know only the MB classic solver can handle.

Another issue I’m having which I think might be fixed using the HIK4.5 solver is that when I plot from the rig to the skeleton a lot of the time I have random joint and random values spike on the last frame of the animation.

Anyone have a way to fix these issues using the MB classic solver? Also has anyone else come across these issues?

Thanks for any ideas!


Quick question, when you plot, are you turning off the key reduction so it plots on every frame and at the same frame rate?

Also, do you have story mode inactive or active? Sometimes it can be that something in Story is messing things. In your character settings, you might have animation on one of the offsets, so it might not be on all takes.

With the CR problem, I guess you’ve tried deleting the control rig and plotting from skeleton to a fresh Control Rig?
The main problems i used to get with hik4.5 was when i used roll bones that pasting a pose would keep moving the limb a little bit towards the pose but never reaching it fully.
I also had problems if the plotting wasnt on each frame. Reduced keys plotting isnt advised really.

if you are using story for the loops, i guess your last frame matches the first? check the last frame of the story clip sits exactly on a whole frame and not a * half frame.

any more info about the scene settings etc might help.
I guess you have some data on skeleton, you are plotting to CR to fix it up, then want to plot back. It should be 1-1 so any differences then there is something odd going on.


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