Rig my Charactor


Hello, i am just starting in cg and I have made a charactor (human girl) and I really want to animate it. I have tried everything to do it. where i have pretty much most of my problems is doing the envelopes on skin modifier. i dont really know what part of the mesh a certain part goes to. I was wondering if someone would be ever so kind as to do this part for me so that I could learn from it and know for the future. I have found a skinning video tut but they use a very simple mesh. 9 polys for legs etc. Mine is 600 polys for body.

thank you in advance,




create a siple rig for (refer the max reference). don’t go in to advance rigging stuff.

skinning - appy skin modifier and ajust the basic envlops first. Then turn on Vertices. So you can access any vertex pf the body in order to control the skin weights.
ex. - turn on vertices and select any vertex(s) of the mesh and go down. You’ll see the Under Envelope properties Abs. Effect spinner. The weight distribustion will be from 0 -1.
0 is no weight coloured blue and 1 is maximum weight coloured red.

the bending parts of the character just blend the whights (yellow, orange).

good luck.


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