Rig/ Geometry separate as I scroll timeline


Hey all,
I am posting this problem in this forum because I feel this might be a graphics card issue. I have a character that is rigged, skinned, and ready for animation. I blocked in a few key poses for the animation. However, when I scrub the timeline after a few frames, the rig and Geo separate (not in the way double transformation kind of way). The rig moves and updates as I scroll the timeline, but the geometry remains frozen in a particular pose after 3 or 4 frames as if it had never been skinned. I thought it might be a skinning issue, but I checked the Hypergraph and the skin cluster is still connected to the geometry. Again, I feel it might be a graphics card issue, because the the geometry has alot of poly’s, but I updated the drivers on my graphics card and I still have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.


you should post in the official autodesk forum.


OK thanx