Richard Sutherland - Kitchen with Caustics


Here is my latest kitchen render with GI/FG and Caustics

And with just GI/Caustics, no FG

And with no GI or Caustics or FG


That looks really good.

In the “no GI” stage, it is pretty complete. Maybe the light from the window should put a little rim onto the back of the chair, or illuminate the lower left of the image a bit more. The bottle looks too diffuse with that bright kick along the side – if it is made of glass it doesn’t need a bright surface color, and could be shaded more with reflections and specularity. The shadow on the right wall looks like it could be softer, if it’s just from the sky.

The GI and FG stages look like nice extensions of the lighting. The caustics from the bottle aren’t very convincing, but that’s not the most important part of the image.



Thanks for your comments Jeremy! I reduced the diffuse shading on the bottle, made it more transparent, added frenel based reflections. I also added a specific spot light for the bottle caustics to focus them a bit more without an outrageous number of photons.


Yeah, the bottle is getting better.



that bottle looks real nice…! any insight into the shaders you used? :wink:


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