Richard Sutherland - GI Kitchen


Here is my Kitchen re-lit with GI/FG - There is still a little blotchiness on the cabinet faces, even with fairly high photon counts and GI/FG Accuracy. I’ll tune the settings a bit more if there is any other feedback I can incorporate to improve the image.

And the same scene with GI/FG disabled in the renderer


Looks good. I think all the direct light could be a little brighter, both the sun light and the fill light. Once those are brighter, look into turning up the photon intensity a little bit too. You might also give the lamp shade a reflective shader and maybe put a light bulb in there if you could see it, just because that area is going especially dark.



Thanks Jeremy for your feedback.

I increased the intensity of the direct lights and GI by roughly 25% and made the lamp shade more reflective. I also added a practical light in the hanging lamp. I’m not sure I like it, so I rendered a version without it as well.

GI w/ Lamp

NO GI w/lamp

GI No lamp

No GI, No Lamp


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