Ribbon Grid


Hey everybody… I need help on something.
I use Softimage 2015 and I have a grid on a curve path and i want the grid mesh to behave as a ribbon.
I can not use cloth because in that occasion the grid cannot follow the path.
I used bend and twist deformers but again i can’t get any good results…
The grid has low geometry but it’s smoothed…Also i have extruded normals so it can be a little thick.

I will appreciate any help
Any ideas? Any plugins that would help me?\


It’s sounds like you should be using Deform by Curve animate the Translation along Curve, And just to be clear, don’t use a path constraint.


I wasn’t clear and i apologize for that.
I have already done that but I would like also the grid that is deformed by curve, to have behave like a ribbon.
Imagine that is a photographic film which is flying in the air. But i would like to get the grid twisted or sth like that. I used teist taper bend deformers but none of them is good for me.
Is there any other way (for example, parameters) or sth else that i could use?

Thank you for your time


Yes, that is exactly what Deform by Curve does. More info: