Rhythm & Hues- Master Thread:(At Least Four Buyers Reportedly Interested)


Troubled Visual-Effects Company Rhythm & Hues Gets $20M Studio Infusion (Exclusive)

Rhythm & Hues Studios, the Oscar-nominated visual-effects company behind “Life of Pi,” is in dire financial straits and will take an emergency $20 million capital infusion from three major Hollywood studios in order to keep its doors open through April, three individuals with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap.

Not good. :frowning:


This might sound rough but if these businesses are operating in a unsustainable manner it’s probably better they close down which in return will reduce competition and will allow other/new studio’s to charge more realistic fee’s for their work…


What’s a shame is from what I’ve heard, R&H treats their employees well, and to have a company like this go out of business is not a good signal - IMO - to other companies that treat the employees similarly. Hopefully they will weather this storm. But I do agree that if the company is not operating in a sustainable manner, they should do something about it (hopefully not close) and get back on positive footing.

Good Luck R&H.


Wow, if this is really so its quite sad. R&H from what i understand is run like a family.


fuel VFX was in dire strait after completing Prometheus who make $403,354,469 and is nominated for an Academy Awards.
R&H is now in dire strait after Life of Pi a $548,506,363 gross and a nomition for an Academy Awards.
Guys ! … what a reward after this killing CG tiger …

well well well ... something is rotten in the state of Denmark ...


Wait what?


“something is rotten in the state of Denmark”
William Shakespeare


sorry for confusion … :slight_smile:


I’m sure it’s a combination of Hollywood producers nickel and diming production houses coupled with under bidding due to such fierce competition in the market. Sad, sad, sad…


RH consists of a fine bunch of people and this is sad to hear. They produce world class fx (two Oscar nominations this year) and produce a good chunk of their work in India, Malaysia, Vancouver and rendering in Taiwan.

IMHO a lot of what goes wrong in vfx is squarely coming from the client side. Ridiculous demands, directors that have zero knowledge of the cg process, truly shitty plates with sets and characters that have to be completely replaced because somebody can’t be arsed to shoot something right, major plot changes up to the last minute, etc.

Imagine how amazingly efficient a studio could be if a director who actually knows his shit would be directly sitting in an office within reach of the artists, without the multiple levels of communications between them.


I find it funny that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark” got such a reaction. LOL
Which just shows that something is rotten. :wink:

Its disgrace that R&H have any problems at all after such a film.


Steven Spielberg is a director who knows how to work with CG, or I’m wrong?



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Na, lets be honest, you’ll probably go straight on to benefits, hey everyone else does. :slight_smile:

And sadly, very sadly, some of the R&H people might too… God now feel really depressed.

Good luck to R&H.


heh :slight_smile:
World is what it is, have a laugh and die with a smile on your face if you ask me.
There is nothing worse than seeing people wasting their lifes with problems and speculations and worries.
We can do this people! lets go!


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whats happening within our industry doesnt have anything in common with “operating in an unsustainable manner”. Theres something a lot deeper and darker going on. i just read the news on dreamworks and im shocked. this stuff is all about politics, investors, stock prices and good old fashioned greed on all sides. ive never seen so much industry collapse in all my years. its frightening. i only hope some good will come of this.


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Variety: "If I don’t put a visual effects shop out of business , I’m not doing my job


“Fox, U and Warners stepped in and quickly agreed to find a financial mechanism to keep the doors open at R&H without making a direct — but the trio could not agree on next steps. Some studio execs wanted to press for better deals on existing vfx contracts; others objected that the last thing R&H — or the vfx industry in general — needed was further financial pressure. Two studios wanted to force R&H into bankruptcy. The third threatened to pull its work if that strategy was followed. These arguments went on for several weeks.”



I am hearing unconfirmed reports that Peerless camera Company is now in trouble and staff have been told not to bother coming in.



I’ve always heard this about them as well; they definitely have a good reputation amongst my friends who’ve worked there.

The last few weeks have been unbelievably dismal for VFX. It feels like our industry is suddenly crumbling around us, along with our jobs. Considering this field that has been my bread and butter for my entire adult life, it’s a lot to have to take in.

I’m desperately hoping that things are going to take a turn for the better.


As time goes by it seems more and more that socio paths control the overall funding of this industry, and nobody does anything about it. These movies make massive money, but studios are forced to run contract to contract with tight margins. We aren’t making obscene wages here, and there aren’t that many outright flops… who’s hoarding the money? I wish we could all (studio owners included) just step back and take a break from it all. Stop VFX production and let the films in progress stumble around a bit. I know that’s not financially possible, and I know there’s always China/India looming, but… without FX, what are most blockbuster movies these days?