RHYTHM, Hong, Ji hoon (2D)


Hey, lovely work.

No critics, really well done !

Congratulations !


I really do like this piece, but the head is too small and the face is extremely weak :frowning:


Woa Hoon, this has to be your greatest work so far! Nothing else to add, just that I always loved your combination of design and painting =) 5*


Beautiful Work Ji Hoon …Inspiring :thumbsup: 5 Stars


Really great image. I love the surrealistic wings.

Is that tiger smoking dope? Have you ever seen a Bengal tiger, have you ever seen Bengal tiger on weed?


i like it!:slight_smile:


i dont dig your figures as much as your animals. those always make my mouth water. and the evironment design is always top notch!

awesome work.


Man, all of these images are so beautifully done - do you ever swing and miss?

HOON, I’ve got to say that every your work is consistently amazing and inspirational. The style and detail that goes into your work pushes me to demand more of my own skills.

Keep up the great work:buttrock:


For me you are the master of the women’s Hip area. I can see incredible hip in this
image and your Milk image. Impressive hip and when you have the hip control you
start to control the feelings of the audience!


Beautiful! I love the colors! :thumbsup:


Lovely image, well worked out!
But… so cheesey, come on man let get to the heart of art. You have got so much ability lets see what you really want to make.


hehe front page goodness!! go HOON!!

loving this piece, the rendering on the girl really shows the evolution of your painting style! :wink:
a gazillion tequila shots to you!! :smiley:


Fantastic!!! Wonderfull!! 5 Stars!! :applause:


No matter how dirty it makes me feel, it is quite a nice piece, heh. I went back and looked at some other studies you did and they are all excellent pieces.


WOW! love your work


Love your work!!!
but ,Structure


I have had a look at the other pictures (milk, water, air) they are very good - but this one RHYTHM is the BEST yet I think - Beautiful! :thumbsup:

can I have a wallpaper? :smiley:


awesome piece Hoon :slight_smile:


Superb piece! One of the best in last days, maybe I go a bit late, but your image still rocks! 5stars:thumbsup:


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