RHYTHM, Hong, Ji hoon (2D)


Name: Hong, Ji hoon
Country: USA
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Rhythm: One of manymut certainly the key element of healing magic.
Hobums, one of the most intelligent beings roamed the continent of Nine Tortoises are now the only inhabitants of the mysterious Clock tower near Goa Forest. Once they’ve discovered this isolated lethal sanctuary, they were no longer traveling the continent to televise their wisdom, but they have settled where hallucinogen, Devil sprouts flourish. For over decades, Hobums have been saturated in addiction of Devil Sprout smokes in this very same spot. In return, they have gained illogical thinking process and laziness. They have become the beasts without claws, the wisdom seekers without consciousness. Epitaph, new comer to this barbaric world put her first step in the worst place imaginable. She could have been an early breakfast for these creatures, but Hobum’s realized great talent hidden within this young human girl; The Healing magic. Its still raw and unpolished ability, but her music with bassy down-tempo chill-out rhythm and melodies certainly is tasty enough to soothe these poor souls’ psyche.
They all understand Epitaph can’t stay here forever, so Hobums demand one last, “ENCORE or DIE” performance.

DETAIL close-up totem pole

Previously introduced digital painting study

Created for Ninja Talkshow concept collection. A story project by mess studios Art by HOON PhotoshopCSII, PainterIX, Wacom intuos, Wacom intuos3, Electrovaya tablet PC with wacom penabled driver. And custom built desktop computer powered by intel pentiumIII.

Copyright © Ji Hoon Hong 2004
All Rights Reserved


Really gorgeous work. It blends a lovely painterly style with some cool, comic book like personality. The figure is great and I love searching out all of your great details.

also, I really love your lighting and color work on the figure. In the space between the highlight and the core shadow (especially on her neck) you’ve really boosted the chroma. It gives the whole scene this really beautiful, burning morning sunshine atmosphere.

I can’t say enough, there’s an aweful lot to rave about here. Must’ve taken you many exciting nights to finish this one and finally let it go. Great!


wow~~really amazing style and color,I like it a lot ,beautiful character~!good works!:thumbsup:


firstly, before read the description the image was so confused to me, but giving much attention in each visual field of the image I can see the beauty of it, escpecially on the girl and the white tigers.


WOW graeet work nice and perefect details nice colors i think it will be award topic :bounce:
u r soo cleaver … 5 stars from me* :thumbsup:


WOW graeet work nice and perefect details nice colors i think it will be award topic :bounce:
u r soo cleaver … 5 stars from me* :thumbsup:


ohhh goodness. its up! ^^
quick and extensive comments as well! thank you very much guys.

For a long time, this piece was my sanctuary, something i love to visit on my spare time. i did spent quite alot of fragmented time on this, and i am still not sure if its right to call it done, but you gotta let it slide at some point ^^

the lighting, and the various color hue within the body was my main goal, and i was happy enough to bring a notch up on the BG as much as i can to match the figure. i feared to lose the focus on the main character, but keeping that in mind certainly help to balance things between the object and the bg.

i am most thrilled to get your comments and criticism from you professionals. please, any kind of your own translation of this piece, as well as constrctive criticism is welcome.
and most dfefinately, thanks for viewing! cheers.

ive started my skin-render study with this piece Rhythm and before i got to finish, i moved on to


>> M I L K <<


>> A I R <<


>> WATER<< in CGsociety forum.

by the time the “WATER” was done, i still had “Rhythm” in the back of the harddrive waiting to be worked on further.

you can also check them all side by side: >>here<<

thanks once again ^^


Masterful work. It is such an inspiration seeing imagery like this. 5*.



Man you have a sense of compoisition and drawing!!!

luv your stuff !!

keep on with that talent!


Beautiful work! :love:


Rock on man


Hi, well first, you draw very sexy women of a more natural proportion and shape… apart from here the head hands and feet, which look out of place to my mind, the head feeling just a tiny bit too small, the hands feeling a tiny bit too large (but that might just be because of the head size) and the boots feeling totally out of place. The body itself is really very well done, it’s clean and the lighting and rendering is wonderfully achieved, it’s also a very much more natural looking and sexy body than the usual waifs and tank-grrl clones we see here, however it does look almost like it’s a different painting to some of the other parts of your scene. Focussing away from the character the lower portion of the image looks rushed with the mushrooms and presumably steps of some kind, the mushrooms look stuck on, I’d almost be tempted to crop this image from the ankles down and remove the mushroom growing up near her leg, then possibly rework the head and face a little to make it feel a little more in proportion.

Other than that it’s a good peice, congratulations.


Absolutely beautiful, love the way the background just wrap around her. Her pose is fantastic. !! 대박이네요 ^^; cheers, Min


Well, anything that has a tiger in it will always be awesome. :smiley:

But seriously, great job. Only crit is the girl looks like she is a completely different style than the background. She stands out alot more because of the dark outline around her. I would either lose the outline so that it blends better with the rest of the picture or put an ouline around the tigers since they are the other characters in the scene.


Beautiful work this is. I have to say that I think the foot looks somewhat too small. I think it’s more or less the way the shoes are constructed and they do not match the overall style of the legs to which they are attached.


All quite pretty, but I find the composition very haphazard, almost like you’ve layered things together and tried to blend them.

The girl is very solid and cool (her design is wonderful), but the rest is a bit uninteresting. It doesn’t arrest your gaze as much as the main figure.


Your drawing and concept makes me sick… So great and outstanding…

I love your own style with color and character… keep you work with lucks



5* from me



those tigers are why i decided to write a comment.



Haha, lol ,@ teh shrooms :stuck_out_tongue:

Very onice pic though, i like it alot! :thumbsup:


Great painting dude.Love the design and colors.