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does someone know of a way to adjust the bitmaps on the construction planes so that they are all the same size… or so that the plans relate properly?

I thought i had adjusted them correctly, but aparently didn’t.

Is it better to make one drawing and draw everything in top viewport?



View > Background Bitmap > Align

AlignBackgroundBitmap is the command

I still have a problem aligning bitmaps in rhino, always did. but what helps is to size your bitmaps equally so you can use the SNAP to grid setting to place them.

Example: you have two drawings, front and side:

neither are the same size.

Use a DRAW program (adobeIllustrator, Corel Craw or XARA) to alling them onto the same size image. This way, placing them in Rhino will be much easier.

In Xara you can make the image transparent so you can align them properly, exporting to two separate images.

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Hi Grey,

Thanks for the reply !!

after checking the sizes… sure enough they were off…I fixed them real quickly and plan on trying them again

i Like the idea about using snap to grid… seems like they would have an easier way to set up bitmaps …oh well

Thanks Again!


I don’t know of an easier way in any aplication. I use Cinema4D and Rhino as my primaries (I’m far more comfortable modelling in Rhino).

In both you have to do math in order to get them right.

what you can do is fudge it in Rhino, since it’s entirely spline based, tracing curves from the bitmap using sketch then resizing them to fit the curves of the other image, but I find it’s best to do it the way I previously described for my own work…


I’ve just started working with Rhino as an alternative to using NURBS in MAX… after doing some of the tutorials in rhino i’ve found it to be very powerful and simple.

ok after fooling with it for a few … here is what i’ve done…

I could see the measurements of the vehicle…

so i made a box in rhino with the length, width and height of the car… then go in and PlaceBackgroundImage ( make sure u have OnSnap set to “end” ) and start in the bottom corner and it will snap up to the upper right corner of the box

so all you are basically doing is making sure your “correct” blueprints are lining up within the measurements of the box for the concurrent view :wink:

so far it has worked out really good !


hehe… and I still catch people saying that rhino isn’t a high end program… :smiley:

I know it blows any nurbs package away that I’ve had contact with, including Max, and some even say its tools are more poweful than Maya.

now IF ONLY we could get Max, LW, Cinema4D, Maya, XSI and Messiah to support OpenNURBS (the Native 3DM format from Rhino) we’d all be set :smiley:



Could you post some good Rhino tutorial sites? I’ve gone through the tutorials that came with the program and looking for more. Thanks.


the best turorials are in the command list in the help menu.

You may find some good ones here: http://www.poserpros.com


Here is the one I’m doing for an Audi TT

it is very good… but i reccomend doing the first 3 tutorials within Rhino first so you can follow along easier

Audi TT Coupe !! you will need to edit the blueprints !!

:thumbsup: Goodluck



i have used mayas nurbs…nothing beats the ease of using nurbs in rhino :slight_smile:
other softwares make you aware that you are using it’s high end nurbs capabilities…in rhino there is no spoon. ahem, ahem i mean you are not conscious of using anything high profile. things just happen…smoothly.the mcneels are geniouses.hats of to them dudes.


Renderosity has the best Rhino tuts around and the Rhino forum there is full of talented people willing to help out…



actually, if you really want to get the most out of rhino, you go where the best rhino users are, which is on the rhino news group


Any site that claims to support rhino well can’t hold a candle to that group.

Renderosity people tend to log on here only to promote renderosity… it’s a poser site.


I dont think it matters where the tuts are from as long as they are good. The more sites out there the more we (the users) win.

I didn’t join here to promote Renderosity, he asked for tutorials and I thought I would post a link.

And yes I agree it is mainly a Poser site but there is a great Rhino forum there with many talented people. One of the mods even works for McNeel.

If you are so down on Poser why did you post the link to POSERpros?


Thank you. Here’s a couple of links I came across:


I’m not down on Poser at all :slight_smile:

You can ask JeffH (or renderosity ownder Tim Choate) who I am… we’ve known each other for a very long time… and that’s not a good thing.


You must be “THE” Grey I’ve seen mentioned over there before.
Something to do with a split. Happened before I joined over there tho…



The point is that Renderosity, a commercial site doesn’t need to leach off CGTalk.


Again I wasn’t leeching,promoting,recruiting,spamming or whatever you want to call it. I was just trying to help someone out…


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