rhino.io officially released! [new plugin]


Another aspect :wink:
Rhino 4.0 995€ + Io79 $ (soon 99 $ )
Moi 2.0 295 $


yes sure rhino cost more than MOI, but it can do a lot more, and is some different area.

  both are very nice software. i own both, for very simple things i use moi, for all bigger and more complex rhino. please dont start a moi versus rhino thing here, this thread is not about moi but our rhino.io plugin:-)

p.s.: the questions is not moi or rhino, both are for sure great softwares, this thing is for all rhino users (ca 160000 architects own rhino i read on some rhino site), if they want to add maybe cinema4d to their toolset for render and animation (now much better connected and much more affordable than 3dmax), and of course for all c4d users that love and use rhino, like we do. for those we made the connections plugin:-)



You absolutly right :slight_smile:


Stefan, can you give me a link to this?

Congratulations on the plugin.


Hello Jorge,
try this(RhinoTerrain) - http://www.rhino3d.com/resources/?category=23 from res-s


Thanks Ilay.


for all you use rhino, also take a look at T splines!


one of my favorite rhino plugins



While you mentioned T-Splines… There will be a T-Splines Webinar in July where I will demonstrate the creation of a simple model using T-Splines and then create a CNC machine path in Rhino using RhinoCam and then showing a clip of a machine I designed cutting it into foam. From idea to part in about 30 minutes. Maybe I can slide in a quick product viz render using the plugin and VRayC4D in case I can get my hands on the plugin (wink wink nudge nudge…). I think it will be the 12th. I’ll post it here when we get closer if Stefan doesn’t mind me highjacking his thread for that advertising… Oh… and the webinar is free. It’s sponsored by Matt Sederberg/T-Splines, Anita Anand/Mecsoft, and me/Complex Consulting.


great LemonNado!


p.s updated rhino.io gallery with some shaded and wire views from c4d editor:-)


Thanks a’lot Rainer! I will be at webinar(i’m not tsp’s fan, GH/grasshopper/ more).

Stefan, i forgot to tell(at vr4c4d forum) about simlab-soft.com, they made many importers with tessalation engines, maybe need to cooperate forces(Timm, yours and theirs ;)), without any render meshes in moi3d, rhino and any nurbs tool with 3dm-export.
I still have plans to buy it.


i will look at it, but it hardly would make sense to add an external tessellation tool i believe. as said, in our test i could net recreate a single artefact error, so the use of rendermeshes is much smarter.

supporting moi makes only sense in using moi’ s native internal tessellation which is excellent.only little part missing in moi is to save that also in the 3dm file.

            for rhino this is not needed, as the plugin produces already great  and clean render meshes, there is no need for that, and it is all at unsurpassed import speed now.
            we want to keep rhino.io clean and fast as it is already.
         the idea of rhino.io is to keep it simple, fast, clean, &  easy working, providing perfect workflow:-)
            regarding MOI, i already suggested 2  times to Michael (moi) to add an optional support for writing his great meshes into 3dm file. that would be quite easy to do for him probably, and give all moi users many new perspectives and work flow improvements, - and automatic support for rhino.io. 
           i recommend suggesting this also in moi forum. we would be happy to support moi direct:-)
         p.s. i updated the gallery, so you see how smooth and clean the rhino scenes objects load
p.s.  i think all info regarding moi has been exchanged,so  lets stay on topic to questions of rhino and rhino.io maybe:-)


If some is interested how it works in real world usage,
here a video of rhino.io in action:




Very cool, stefan. Order sent!


Just a note on this, if you use Moi, you can export OBJ or LWO files, which import with normal tags into C4d. Moi produces very clean meshes, so you would not need an other importer when going that route, imo.
I use it also when wanting to import rhino models into modo or C4d.
With a small script, it is just a matter of a couple of clicks in moi, to get nice, clean geometry, with all objects named according to the Rhino layers.

Rhino’s own tessalation on the other hand is quite bad when saving in a polygonal format, so for those wanting to go directly from Rhino to C4d, this new plugin should be interesting.


One word: Hallelujah.


Well Done! Very Gooooooood Job.
this is a Must have Plugin!
all the best


Thanks for the plugin, works perfectly.

For those who don’t use Rhino, I think the plugin is still worth having for the asssets it makes available for use in C4D. For example, a repoisitory of free 3dm models can be found on the Flying Architecture site.


Fantastic! I hope more modeling apps do this. (modo, anyone?)


well, after several weeks of testing this baby…
i have to say…

This plug is AWESOME !!

congrats stefan…

cheerz rob

edit nice video!


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