rhino.io officially released! [new plugin]


Dear C4d Users,

   we officially release today our new plugin rhino.io
   rhino.io is a new import/export plugin, which directly connects Cinema 4D with Rhino.
   it enables Cinema4d to open native .3dm Rhino files without any need for conversion.
   Rhino can therefore act as a kind of "Nurbs modeling module" to Cinema4d.
   all Rhino scene attributes, as materials, layers (also hierarchical stacked), layer colors, blocks, instances, groups, cameras (saved views), lights, splines, mesh and Nurbs objects can be read directly into Cinema4d. rhino.io even more can also update any changes made in Rhino file to Cinema4d, without loosing any already assigned attributes in Cinema4d.
   how does that work?
   rhino.io extracts the native so called "render meshes" which Rhino produces for each nurbs objects internally. these render meshes render exactly as the original nurbs objects would render directly in Rhino itself.
   therefore, even though Cinema4d has no built in Nurbs kernel, rhino.io enables you to render imported Nurbs exactly as their original would do.
   rhino.io does everything automatic, there is no need to tessellate or manual convert anything. 
   simply drag and drop the 3dm Rhino file, or use the open command, to open any scene created in Rhino.
   the Rhino objects get normal c4d objects (with normal tags of course), clean structured , which can be used for further modeling or for direct render. there are no artifacts as this is often  in classic manual tessellation. the internal render meshes are absolute clean also in smallest detail. all "ready to render".
   Cinema4d has therefore one of the best and most affordable connection to the great Nurbs modeler Rhino.
   the plugin is available immediately, special priced for a short period at  79.- euros, after that the normal price for rhino.io will be 99 euros. for more info, in action, visit our website [http://www.rhino.io](http://www.rhino.io), there is also a small video that shows rhino.io in real world action.
   rhino.io is available for windows and osx, 
   Rhino is available also on both platforms for windows and osx (beta)
   we hope some of You became interested in our plugin, 
   from our tests and internal usage, we see it can be a great work flow enhancement.
   if You have any questions, feel free to email or phone us (contacts are on [www.rhino.io](http://www.rhino.io))
   best greetings
   Stefan Laub


here a detailed nurbs car model, imported with rhino.io and rendered in vrayforc4d (rendertime 16 sec.). this Car model including the vray setup, You get free with each Rhino.io purchase:


I get theses funky Rhino projects badly thru DWG and what not.
Hope this will solve that!



you can import any rhino file with it:-)
see also the video at the rhino.io site (under features/video), this shows some heavy and complicated files imported very fast and clean.

it changed our live here in office, rhino is also a great file conversion tool. so since rhino.io most files go the route rhino>> rhino.io > c4d :wink:



Looks pretty handy! I haven’t used Rhino but I’ve heard good things about it.



Will there be a demo version?


Sounds great Stefan…
I’ve made an announcement on our site as well.


Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


This looks great. We’ve been thinking of getting MOI (moment of inspiration) thanks to Srek’s recommendation as an inexpensive nurbs modeler. I’ve read that MOI can save to .3dm. Would Rhino IO work with .3dm’s exported from MOI?


What a great plugin Stefan! this looks very useful for those of us who work with nurbsdata and suffer from all those messy translations and normals issues that’s included in the package.

danb: Yep it should work with Moi 3dm files too, they are the same as Rhino’s files are.

/ Magnus


This is great! I’m so glad you did this…I guess it’s finally time to get my C4D upgraded:-)


Excellent :slight_smile:

Announced at C4D Cafe as well. Link

I’m a MoI user and this will be excellent for working between the 2. I can throughly recommend MoI for anyone wanting a low cost and easy to learn Nurbs modeller.



thanks for all the feedback and relinking:-)

@ danb and Magnus & all MOI users:

sadly as moi does not save internal render meshes like rhino does, it wont work(unless you also have rhino), it is only for real native 3dm files at the moment.

unless you open ans resave the 3dm file ones for rhino it wont work. so it works only if you own both rhino and Moi. maybe do a wish at the moi3d forum. it is also a nice app, have it too (in addition to rhino) and i also asked the moi developer for such a thing already. we would be very happy if moi would become compatible too.i hope much they will add a way to include mesh and tesselation data some time in 3dm format like rhino. ( we tried to support moi, but as moi lacks this feature it isnt possible yet)



wonderful :applause:


In case someone get’s confused… here is the Rhino Wiki page about the internal; meshes used in this plugin: http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/meshfaq. I have not found a better exporter for Nurbs Meshes than the one in MoI. I export my Rhino files to MoI (They are cut and paste compatible) and then get great .obj out of MoI. Rhino meshes make me shudder all the time 8).

Best of luck with the plugin!
It definitely saves a few key strokes!


It saves a lot more than only a frew key strokes. This plugin is of great advantage once you have to work with rhino files in a pipeline. It preserves the hierarchy and structure of the rhino file inside c4d. Reexporting parts of the model gets very easy this way. All the structuring of complex CAD data can take place inside rhino. No need to organize tons of unstructured polyclutter inside c4d anymore. And you get the great advantage of saving your tesselation attributes with the rhino file. If you find the tesselation quality is too low later in the process you can go back, increase the settings and reexport whenever you like.

This thing is really a godsend. But yes, the tesselation algo of Rhino is not one of the best.

Best Manuel


Great news!

Any Rhino OSX beta users with information on a possible release date? This thing is in beta for ages now…



I just bought Rhino last week, so this is a timely announcement for me. Looking forward to using it!



Is Rhino easy to learn?


If you know how to work with NURBS, yes. If not, MoI might be a good place to start.

best mnu


If you can model in a polygonal modeler it’s deceptively easy.

Then it takes a moment to learn the exceptions. Like 'why did THAT happen to that boolean , or what on earth happened to this bevel…). Nothing out of the extraordinary, just the usual experience learning curve. There is also a bit smoke and mirror in the nurbs world. Quite a few boolean op’s are looking good while viewed in nurbs town. Once exported all sorts of funky bit’s show up as all Mr. Nurbs did is visually hide parts but not create new geometry… Again, nothing to crazy. But definitely a learning curve. The documentation is great, the wiki is very nice, and the community great.
I just finished a larger project for a door. Became rather complex and there had to be dimensioning. Arch style… that worked well to. Had to dig deeper, but it was quite handy.

Rhino has nice commands separated for curves/lines, surfaces, solids, and meshes. Easy to find your way around. And all the commands are familiar from general modeling terminology. Nothing weird, like the ‘reflect’ in AI for ‘mirror’…

What I really like is the curve blending and editing.

Rhino is the bigger brother of MoI. The Author of MoI worked on Rhino, that’s why both are similar. But Rhino has a lot of functions which I find are essential for complex work which MoI lacks. Rhino has ‘twist’ MoI not… and so on. But to sketch… I love MoI.

gotta run… hope it helps

PS:Rhino is a secret weapon when it comes to reading and writing formats. I bought Rhino 3 a while ago just for that. Then got into modeling…


Cool plugin Stefan! :slight_smile:

Added to my personal blog : Rhino.io released