Rhino 4.0 and Brazil!?!


Just got a newsletter from McNeel and Assoc this morning and they make mention of Brazil rendering capability in the upcoming 4.0 release! Ahhh…

from letter:

SIGGRAPH 2004, Booth 2220
August 10-12, Los Angeles

[left]We will be showing NEW Rhino 4.0 technology prototypes including history, features, G-Infinity blending, mesh tools, and unconstrained free-form deformation.


[left]Also, there are many new third-party embedded applications including haptic modeling, reverse engineering, terrain modeling, advanced solids modeling, direct rapid prototyping, CAM, WireEDM, Bongo keyframe animation, Flamingo 2.0 rendering, and Brazil rendering.[/left]

[left]We are in the early feature development phase. The technology is working. This is the best time for your feedback to shape the next Rhino release.[/left]



that’s interesting~!!!


Very Cool…
I always like to hear development news for Rhino. I’m outta practice with it now since I’ve gone to poly modeling 3 years ago… But I’ll always have a sweet spot for Rhino… On a long enough timeline I’ll have added Nurbs into my skillset again. Nurbs are incredible for the things they were designed to do.


Nice… sounds quite interesting.

I always liked Rhino even though I don’t use it all that much. Brazil sounds interesting, but hoenstly the history thing sound the coolest to me.


I got that e-mail too. Very interesting indeed. A good renderer was the one thing Rhino seemed to be missing. Flamingo is fine for product design I suppose but it’s a little bland for artwork. I think adding Brazil has a lot of potential.


Yep, I’ve never had the patience to bother with Flamingo for very long… By the time I could get something half-*ssed out of it I could have my geometry in Max and be done~ I will be nice to use the same render engine for both apps!



Yeah I got the same e-mail… VERY interesting news indeed. Hope its gona happen soon!


I haven"t used Rhino in a while either, mostly 'cause I don"t do much design related stuff, but it’s great to see where they’re taking the product. I used to work at McNeel and Assoc. (makers of Rhino) and the NURBS knowledge I gained there helped me land my first job using Maya. Rhino and Brazil would be more than a match for Alias Studio and Mental Ray, and it’s hard to imagine a company more committed to its customers. They’re the most non-corporate place you can imagine, which is probably why 6 years after I left, 95% of the same people are still there.
Hope to check out some of their new stuff at Siggraph.



There seems to be a lot of ‘bar raising’ going on with renderers these days. I understand Vray will be available for Maya and XSI (possibly a few others as well). Now Brazil for Rhino and Messiah. Thats good news for those of us who don’t have acess to Max.


If anyone who goes to Siggraph happens to see Rhino4 and Brazil stuff actually working there… please, please, let me know here how it looked :slight_smile:

McNeels latest press release got me all thrilled! I really can’t wait!

Brazil r/s for Rhino announced

Advanced rendering tools for professionals

Seattle — July 30, 2004 — Robert McNeel & Associates and SplutterFish LLC announced today that they are collaborating to bring the Brazil Rendering System to Rhino users. The new Brazil 2.0 r/s will be integrated into Rhino using the latest technology from both McNeel and SplutterFish. Details…

[left]See Brazil r/s for Rhino at:

SIGGRAPH 2004, Booth 2220

August 10-12, Los Angeles



Brazil for Messiah? Where’d you hear about that?

  • Neil


Perhaps from the messiah thread http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=157670 where I posted on 25 July 2004 about Brazil for Rhino and discussed the possiblity of Brazil for messiah.


Well, now I’m not sure. It could be the thread Paul is refering to. Regardless, it was probably hearsay. Though, if I find any other mention of it I’ll be sure to post.

It’s been a while since I’ve played around with Rhino so refresh my memory. What limitations, if any, does it have? I know it’s primarily a NURBS modeler (a very good one at that) and has limited anamation capability. But if you’re are doing still art, what advantage would programs like Maya or XSI (assume coupled with something likre Mental Ray or VRay) have over the Rhino/Brazil combination?


It’s official… Brazil for Rhino is a go.






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