RGB Airbrush, Patrick Grimaldi (3D)


Title: RGB Airbrush
Name: Patrick Grimaldi
Country: France
Software: AMAPI, Carrara

Airbrush modelled in NURBS with Amapi Pro 7.5.
Texturing, lighting and rendering with Carrara Pro 5.
Comments and crits welcome :wink:

Wires at :


very nice rendering.
Good luck Patrick.

Hamed katebi


Oow. render is perfect. Keep going.:bounce:


nice modeling etc…but the shadows are not good…your light source comes from the top left…and your shadows dont match up…look @ the pen and the bottle …seems like the bottle dont have shadow at allll…

but nice modeling and texture
keep it up

EDIT: the bottle does have shadow…cyou must really good to see it…but the pen the shadow is too big…


very good one…
I like the composition and the glass material
the chrome looks too clean, though…
some tiny imperfections would be nice…

to me the shadows are fairly visible and correct…
perhaps you got bewildered because the lightsource is pretty near and deep (like a bulb or so)…
this makes no parallel shadows…but pretty radiated ones…


Looks really nice. I really like the render and the colors. Is that Frank Zappa?


The “good old days”…Frank Zappa, airbrush art. It seems a long, long time.
My first job at advertising agencies was in the studio area.
Ecoline, gouache, airbrush and blended brush. It was in 20th century!

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Jomar Machado
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lovely idea and work :scream: :scream: :scream:


Great Idea.

My comments:

Put some fingerprints on the chrome… this will definately make it more realistic.
Also check your shadows

Keep it up!


What else can one say Patrick but , excellent !


very nice rendering


Jeah very nice Materials…
I like the idea and the
concept of it!
Very nice work…


Thank you everybody for your nice comments. I’m happy you like my picture !

Yes it is. It is a real picture I made some years ago with my real airbrush (and real ink :)).

And I’ll try not to clean my objects too much next time :slight_smile:


Really good work.


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