I’m interested in still renders with very complex scenes, high polygon numbers and high quality gi. So right now I’m trying to find a rendering solution for that. The most important thing is memory-conservatism and my first guess was that Photorealistic Renderman can fulfill my needs. But i was wrong for two reasons. First it is true that prm can handle complex scenes with billions of polygons and very small ussage of memory and CPU, but the shading system of prm is way to complex compared to almost all the other commercial renderers. Second, it is very limited when it comes to gi.

These two things forced me to search further and I heard that Luxology Modo has a REYES renderer combined with high quality gi. So i downloaded the trial version and after few hours found out that Modo’s interface is very user friendly. However when i tested the subdivision and displacement capabilities of the renderer, i found out that it indeed is not based on the REYES algorithm and is not even close to the memory-conservatism of PRM.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong and maybe Modo is indeed capable of REYES rendering, so i would like to ask more experienced Modo users about that. Is there a settings for REYES rendering in Modo, or something simular to REYES which can tessalate the geometry on subpixel level without the cost of higher memory usage (like in PRM)?

Thanks in advance!


No, modo is not a REYES renderer, and there is no option for it or anything like that. How heavy are your scenes? It might not be as efficient at it as Prman, but it’s pretty good I think. I’m doing a test right now, rendering about 40 million displacement polygons with full ray tracing, and the geometry memory is less than 1 gigabyte. With, say, 16 gigs of memory and 64-bit modo, I’d probably be able to increase the polygon count to half a billion or so.

Edit: The maximum number of polygons I can squeeze out of my laptop seems to be around 150 million. That’s with modo using less than 2.5 gigabytes of RAM. I might try pushing it a bit further on my 8 gig 64-bit workstation.


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