Reyes Infografica


Any idea what happened to Reyes Infografica? The web site is still there. You can even pick up some of the old plug-ins for Max 3 for free. I can imagine that nobody cares about their meta muscles anymore, other tech won. I was keen on NPR:Reyes. Just seemed that they had a lot of zip in house and could be doing good work. It feels like maybe it was a small shop and somebody had to quit for personal reasons. I have no idea. I’d have liked to see what they’d be offering now.


I think what is comes down to is there has never been a really good market for plugins for Max. A few are always around but never for long.


Funny you should mention this Peter, as I was on their website a few days ago researching NPR renderers- theirs looked very promising. (We bought CartoonReyes when it was first released). The link to Digimation comes up blank also.


As far as i remember Reyes Ingografica was once the owener of the modelbank together with D’eespona… don’t know their christian names. The called themselves REM infografica.
They has some good plugins to sale:

  • Metareyes - Hercules is a muscle system for Max, Metaballs are part of Max
  • Dirtyreyes - no replacement today, quickdirt by digimation up to Max 8
  • Clothreyes - replaced by Max-Cloth
  • Sufreyes - replaced by Polymodeling in Max
  • Jetareyes - LBrush does the same job
  • Cartoonreyes - same like Illustrate, FinalToon,
  • NPR Reyes - Brazil, Vray, Finalrenderm Maxwell, Fryrender

They split up (i guess they had a dispute about something). The Modelbank was sold to Viewpoint and a few years later viewpoint sold all it’s 3d-content to digimation. At the same time Reyes stopped updating his plugins they were only availabe for Max 4.2. It took years till he came out for Max 6. AFAIK they were still pretty buggy and not improved.
I bet Mr. Reyes works now for a company and is no longer updating his plugins. And i wonder if they can still be purchased either.

Help me if i stated something wrong.

Perhaps thias would be a good time to run a “Dead plugin”-List. I saw one sometime ago but can’t remember where.


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