Revolution, Yang Zhang (3D)


Title: Revolution
Name: Yang Zhang
Country: China
Software: BodyPaint, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

I used Maya,mudbox for modeling and posing,bodypaint,PS for texturing,mentalray for rendering,photoshop for matte painting and refine it.

My inspiration comes from a fiction story which tells a war between human beings and machines.Human beings were almost extint.The survivors become stronger by aberrance.Can we win?
I hope you like it

my image hosting is not working,so i post 2 different pic link,i hope you can see it.


congratulations, a great job



wow, just wow m8

great details. Look at the wire frame on that dude :thumbsup:


Sweet! My new wallpaper.

Matrix inspired? :slight_smile:


waw !

they are cylons hum…

very great work…

only one crit…

those tenacles things on the drones… they are not so useful to the image…


wooooooooo,I think i see the fuzz?? you`re a crazy man!!the body,the tube,the machine,the city,the tone^^^^surpoer complicated and huge,like a flim ,perfect work…5* for you!!:bounce:


everything is great.the character is perfect!


i really like his skin and the backgroud,is it a matte painting???can you show us your skin shade network??? 5****


:eek: 5*from me ,i like your design.very fantastic and reality.congrats!:eek:


Veru good work man!
Congratulations! :smiley:


That’s some quality work!!!


:slight_smile: WELL DONE


Looks great! i like it , details on his body are awesome. 5stars:thumbsup:


very very nice render ! looks like a painting

nice modeling and painting

I like the way you modeled the background, all chaotic… this is giving a very good result, interresting :slight_smile:

5 stars


Very Matrix looking :slight_smile: . great work


Very nice work, love the mood. Executed beautifully, maybe the drones tentacles could be a little thicker to pop a little more. Great piece, love it, congrats!


interesting…5 stars from me !
really nice idea!


great work!


just amazing!!! sorry for the noob question i jus want to ask. how did u do teh buildings? are they just textures? what maps did you use? replies will be greatly appreciated. cheers


thx for your comments,everyone!
I hope you like it