Revolt! A Battlefield 2 Modification is looking for Artists


 [i]"Revolt! is a Battlefield 2 modification that drops you into the middle of a class struggle in a utopian society where everything isn't quite as it seems. Take the role of either a freedom fighter waging war on an oppressive, Orwellian dictatorship, or a Global United Nations soldier trying to protect their way of life and defend the greater good.”[/i]

Hey guys, I’m a long time lurker here, and I figured some of you might be interested in this. I know there’s a lot of serious talent here that might be looking to break into the industry, and what better way to do so then having a mod on your resume? :smiley: Anyway, we’re just starting up, and I’m looking for a few artists. Right now I’m in dire need of concept artists and modelers (animators, too, but at the moment there wouldn’t be anything for them to do). We also need a website, so if anyone here happens to be able to whip us up a site, that would also be much appreciated.

So, any takers? The mod is planned to focus less on realism which seems to differ a lot from the upcoming mods that are being done fore Battlefield 2. Hopefully our stronger emphasis on style will set us apart from all the other mods.

If anyone is interested, send me a link to some of your work, and what role your applying for. I won’t announce this mod on any other sites for at least a few more days, as I thought CGTalk’s community would like the first shot at this :slight_smile:


     I also set up an IRC channel on, the channel being #revolt! so feel free to stop by.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I’ve been planning a game/mod like this for a number of years, and BF2’s Python engine seems to be the most ideal candidate for a project like this.


Hm, there doesnt appear to be much interest in this. Just out of curosity, might I ask why no ones biting? Any suggestions to improve the overall idea?


Just out of curosity, might I ask why no ones biting?

Too busy :). Really, stuff like this I would imagine takes just a bit too much time, for
me anyways.

what’s Orwellian ?

Any suggestions to improve the overall idea?

Could the mod be like a bit futuristic ? Like most of the buildings would look
pretty normal , but there would be a few sci-fi buildings ,like spaceports & stuff
scattered here and there too, that dark and rusty variety, of course :slight_smile:

The rebels might have little robotic scouts and the dictatorship could have
hunting and guardian creatures imported from other worlds. The alien
stuff would be really rare in the world outside the dictatorship and even
the dictatorship wouldn’t have that much of it, just sort of like spice it up
a bit. The presence of otherwprdly stuff would also give an option to give
out rare, unique weapons, if even for a short time. For example, if the
rebels held certain two flags for a given time, it would mean they’d captured
a supply transport going in between the flags and some fancy hitech weapons,
like superpowerful grenades,would then be available in some warehouse
between those flags.

yea nothing really new there, so much been invented already, so that’s just
combining existing stuff, taking what u like and leaving out what u don’t, just
the sort of stuff I might be interested to put in and see in a mod.




I like the idea a lot. I’ve been in the receiving end of authority repression so to blow some steam against digital national guards and thelike looks very exciting.

Orwellian, from George Orwel, author of 1984, a novel written around the 40’s giving a very grim and pessimistic view on 1984’s society. The government of the BIG BROTHER, overlooking everyone’s shoulder, allowing next to none personal freedom or initiative. Orwell’s book sets the action in what seems to be England, where people are forced by fear of being labeled traitors to attend “hate” sessions, gatherings where “rebels” are publicly mocked and insulted by the crowd. The session ends with the image of Big Brother, a Stalin-like guy who represents the ideal of this society, everybody loves the big brother, or they pretend to do so, since he is the father and saviour of the country.

Anyway, take a look at the book, it’s easier and clearer than having me trying to explain such a complex concept:shrug:

Good luck Bongo, i’ll be checking this up


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