Reversing negative frames


Ive rendered a sequence from Maya starting from -100 to 600. From the Shake interface upon importing this sequence Shake has broken it up into 2 sequences the first ranging from -1 to -100 thereby reversing the sequence on import. How can I reverse this in Shake? I tried the docs and it says set the inpoint to your last frame and the outpoint the first but that doesnt work for me here, and Im assuming its because of the frame numbering that is messing things up, or perhaps I am doing it wrong. Can somebody shd some light on this?

Cheers :slight_smile:


in the filein node where it points to your files “imagename /path/to/file/image1-100@@@@.tif”
just reverse that 1-100 to 100-1@@@@.tif


Thankyou very much :wink:


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