reversing and keyframing timing of an alembic in c4d?


Is this possible?



Did you try to animate the start frame ?


That adjusts the clip to start later in the timeline. Keyframing doesnt seem to do anything. Thanks.


Think I figured it out–needed to activate “overide object for rendering” and then there is control. Thanks


I’ve used the xreTIME plugin for more advanced retiming in the past, though if you can do it without plugins that’s obviously better for render farming.


Hey Luke

Does xreTIME work on alembics? Thats the key for us at the moment. 58 of them. (bulgy eye emoji)


Sounds like you have this solved Joel, for others interested, this is from a past post:
For example: if you have a 100 frame alembic that you want to reverse: set a keyframe of -100 at frame 1 and 100 at frame 100."


Bulgy eyes indeed. Yes it does!


I reversed successfully an alembic by animating the start of animation. In my example I had a sequence of 75 frames, so i had to use a Keyframe with -75 at the first frame and a keyframe with 75 at frame 75. you have to make sure that all the childs of your alembic null get the same animation values. Selecting the parent / rightclick on start animation / xpressions / set Driver and then select all the children’s / right on start animation / expression / set driven (absolute)
please check the attache file