Revenge of bride 2D Character


Hey guys! I need some critique or advice for this one. Thanks in advance!
Revenge of bride


What’s the narrative here? What do you want to convey with this image?

Where is the light source that’s lighting up the inside of her skirt, her normal leg, and her hand? Is that scaly leg actually glowing? If so, it doesn’t look like its self-illuminating because if it is, the leg should actually light up as if it’s a light source.

There are some issues with her anatomy/proportions. Her right forearm appears too long relative to her upper arm. Her normal leg’s anatomy looks too vague and needs more definition.

Her upper nose bridge appears very wide–was that intentional?

The gun’s forms are too soft and vague. Guns have distinct sharp planes and details and you should give it the clarity it needs.

The dress could use some natural looking creases/wrinkles on the torso.

The window is a man-made structure and it needs to look like the perfect geometric shape is should be. This is critical, because our eyes can easily spot misshapen forms and shapes that are supposed to look perfectly accurate, since we expect manufactured artificial objects to have perfect proportions and shapes.


Not liking the monster leg. It is supposed to be one of the points of atraction, but it shows little to none details. The foot part (where the heel is) is especially confusing. If you made silouet (however it is written), i doubt many people would be able to recognize it beeing a foot or foot like object.