REVELATIONS: The ConceptArt.Org International Art and Design Workshop site is live!


The Revelations website has gone live. All the details, the program curriculum and even instructor artworks are up now. is the link. The promotional poster for this event was created by Jason Chan at Massive Black. He worked very hard on it and we are lucky to have such a strong image for the promotion of the show. We hope you enjoy it as much as the team here does. The workshop will sell out but we wanted to be sure that everyone who might be interested has a chance to hear about it. So…without further blabbery from me, here are the details: & Massive Black Inc.
with Special Guest Sponsors

REVELATIONS: The North American Art and Design Workshop: An event of 2D. 3D, & Design inspiration which will FUEL YOUR CREATIVE FIRES this winter and beyond!
JANUARY 4, 5, 6, 7

A special 4 Day weekend event unlike any workshop to date…The event is Friday through Monday with an earth-quaking party (3 bands, live painting, performers, nude models, dancers, free gourmet food, drinks for those over 21 and the most memorable venue in Seattle) FRIDAY NIGHT!! Though the party is just fuel for the fire. This show is all about cutting edge art and design in entertainment and it is a culmination of all our events experience to date.

Creative powerhouses from companies like Blizzard, Bungie, Massive Black, id software, Oddworld, Midway, Obsidian, Radical/THQ, Marvel Comics, Flagship Studios, Project Offset, The ConceptArt.Org Atelier, and Sega will be on hand as well as dozens of other companies in attendance including Microsoft’s Ensemble Studios (yeah they are hiring and recuriting) and more.

Just in time for the winter vacations, come break the ice and warm your creative heart, watching some of the top creatives in the industry do what they do best. Be inspired for the year to come and see how many personal frontiers you can break.

We are not making snow angels here. JOIN US FOR ART…

El Coro- Senior Art DIrector Massive Black
Lorne Lanning- Founder/CEO Oddworld
Moby Francke- Concept Designer -Team Fortress- Valve Software
Kenneth Scott- Art Director - id software
Aaron Lemay- Art Director - Bungie
Kolby Jukes- Senior 3d Artist- Freelance
Matt Charlesworth- Senior 3d Artist - Radical/THQ
Ian Joyner- Senior 3d Artist- Freelance
Daniel Dociu- Art Director- ArenaNet
Sparth- Senior Concept Artist - id software
J.E. Sawyer - Lead Designer- Obsidian Entertainment
Khang Le- Senior Concept Artist- Project Offset
Marko Djurdjevic-Senior Concept Artist/Cover Illustrator- Marvel
Noxizmad-Senior Concept Artist-Massive Black
Aleksi-Freelance Concept Artist/Comics/RPG Illustrator
Jason Chan-Concept Artist-Massive Black
Dan Milligan- Storyboard Artist -300
Wes Burt-Senior Character Artist-Massive Black
Android-Visionary Artist-Massive Black/ConceptArt.Org
Todd Lockwood-RPG Illustrator
Pete Konig-Concept/Model/Texture/Animation/Sculpture Guru MB/Tippett Studio
Brom-Fine Artist/Illustrator
Michael Hussar-Fine Artist
Kevin Llewellyn-Fine Artist
Shawn Barber-Fine Artist/Illustrator
Jamie Jones-Concept Artist ArenaNet
Matthew Barrett-Concept Artist ArenaNet
Doug Williams-Senior Concept Artist-ArenaNet
SteakTron-Senior Concept Artist-Massive Black
Rich Doble-Senior Concept Artist-Massive Black
Nick Constantine-Senior Concept Artist-Massive Black
Sam Brown-Concept Artist-Massive Black
Carl Dobsky-Concept Artist/Fine Artist/Professor-Massive Black/CA Atelier
James Kei-Senior Concept Artist-Massive Black
Jason Manley-President Massive Black/ConceptArt.Org
Chris Hatala-Animation Director-Massive Black
Kevin Chen-Freelance Concept/Fine Artist/Figure Professor
Anthony Francisco- Lead Concept Artist-Project Offset
Marc Taro Holmes-Senior Concept Artist- Sega
Jason Felix- Senior Concept Artist/Animator Flagship Studios
The Black Frog - Senior Concept Artist/Art Director- Freelance
Mathias Verhasselt - Concept Artist - Blizzard Entertainment
Dorje Bellbrook- Concept Artist- Bungie
Isaac Hanaford- Concept Artist - Bungie
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TOP SECRET Design TBA
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TOP SECRET Design TBA
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TOP SECRET Design TBA
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Special Guest TBA

more info to come…we hope to see you there!



This is going to be a LOT of fun!


Argh… so annoyed I can’t go this time. It’s going to rock the cosmos.


I am so stoked for this!!! Can’t wait to see everyone there.


See you guys there! :slight_smile:


excellent lineup! damn I wish I could go… :frowning:


I’m so glad that this event is in seatle as it means I should be able to make the trip from VanCity, unless I get detained at the border. Exteremly exciting lineup.


I’ll be there. I hope you meet some of you. Its gona be sweet.


If you’re thinking about going, I can tell you it is the most mind-blowing and awesome time any artist can have. A place jam-packed with fellow artists learning from the crème de la crème of talent in the industry. The Montreal workshop last year was the most fun and educational experience i’d ever had (sadly i’m still wearing the armband), and this one is looking to be the best one yet.

The ability to be able to sit next to an industry pro and get them to critique your work one-on-one is a highlight. Everyone is friendly and more than willing to share knowledge. Four days of people really, REALLY passionate about what they do. Prepare for very little sleep!

I am literally heartbroken I can’t make it this time.:argh:


.this will be crazy … it’s really hard to miss something like that :smiley:
and yeah…promotional poster for this event is mindblowing :buttrock:


Wow, I wish I could have known about this sooner…ugh. I must say, the poster is unbelievably awesome…I’m so inspired by it. Nice work Jason!!


Whoa, my first ever post here, but I’ve been lurking for a bit already.

I’m going - I can’t believe I’m able to go - but I’ll be there. I can’t wait to meet everyone from here AND (where I’m "PatriciaS).

See ya!


saymn! that looks awesome!.. wish I was on the right side of the world. I hope they bring out a DVD of this thing!


Dang! I’ll be in Brazil during the event. I wish I could go. Lots of inspirational artists on the list!



I shoul stop read thread like that cause i always start crying! What a wonderful opportunity for any artist! Is a great event as ever! I can just start dream to go and looking for report after the event cause i’m always our of cash and broken during that wonderul event time.

Best wishes to each of you will joing the heavenly event for any artist in the world!

Congratulation for the organization.





You should go to the next one and do some lectures. I would love to see you in person with you’re amazing 3d skills.


The site is “live”, but where’s the sign-up info and cost?


Now i will really start to cry, why in January and not in July or August :frowning:

Hope there will be a DVD, too.


You all are so damn, damn lucky. If only I had money. And wow… that poster is glorious. Best use of the ‘plastic wrap’ filter I have ever seen.

[size=1]cough PLEASE MAKE A DVD AVAILABLE [/size]