Revamped Female Character



Hi all,

I developed the original character about a year ago. Only yesterday I realised just how lame it was - sometimes it takes a while :slight_smile:

I’ve set about revamping her. The topology is the same and she is rendered in much the same way - i’ve changed the lighting and textures a moderate amount but the biggest alerations have been to reposition the vertexs. A defo improvement.

Part of the problem is that the old model was originally developed from a male head - and it shows. What’s with that neck? I’d probably have got to this stage a lot quicker if I’d started from scratch in the first place.

She’s a complete character so once I’m happy with her head i’ll go on and look at the rest of hr body. Any critique is welcome, no matter how harsh - I want to get it right this time!


Original Head:

Current Head:

Original Body:

Current Body:


the new version is really really attractive now.

Just the hair falls a bit flat compared with the sharpness of the eyes etc


i’m agree with simo.
the improvement appear good.
at moment i suggest to make more asymmetrical iris and eyelashes.
keep it up


Thanks guys, agreed.

The hair is low res but the hair will cover it once finsihed so it’ll be hidden. I think she needs a good 'asymmetrifying ’ in general. Shoud make her a bit more natural.



I have a problem with her neck, it is too narrow and it is too straight like sticking the back with a broom, which is wrong in anatomy.


Here’s the latest. Biggest change is a swap from VRay to MentalRay.

Hi dickma, thanks for your post. I’ve tried to understand what you mean but I can’t. Can you be more specific? Is it still apparent in the latest render?


This is my advices:

Currently I don’t have a wacom… just mouse drawing…


If you can tell all that just by looking at the front then I am well impressed :slight_smile:

I’ll look into it and keep you posted. Thanks for tanking the time.



Here’s the latest:


previous rendering is better than the current one.

Still I am not satisfy about your neck. The junction between the neck and head is just still too narrow and too awkward. It is just like the beautiful head is only plugged to a cylinder. look at your original and the current pic, your neck structure didn’t change.

The neck isn’t straight vertical in anatomy. You should pull your head forward and your neck muscles still aren’t well defined. Look at the green lines, the muscle should be from the back of the ears to the front of the center shoulders.

I can point out your problem if you can provide your sideview.


Hey Dickma,

I’ve not had a chance to look at the neck yet but I definately will although I totally see what you mean about the green lines, that muscle needs sorting.

Here’s a whole load more muscles for you to crit :slight_smile:

Next post will be from the side so you can show me excactly what you mean about the neck.

Cheers man,


Looking good, the photo studio look in a bit strong, try a diferent light and check the results.

congrats, 4* to me so far


There’s still lot’s to do - starting with those seams on the thighs - but overall it’s coming together. And dickma I still haven’t forgotten the neck :slight_smile:

ReneAlex, thanks very much. I will no doubt experiment with different lighting scenarios once I’ve finished her.



Forearms are too long I think. Hands positions are quite weird for me as when rigging the palms usually faced down. And if the palms are faced down the muscles of the forearms are usually twisted.

Fingers, your first joint of your fingers are too long, usually bone placement of the fingers are at the mid-section of your palm, not the bases of the first joint fingers. The lengths of the Index, Middle and Ring are the same…realistic in realife?

Check the elbows and the joints positions, at the current hand position the joints should be face almost up/forward and as the elbows face almost down/backward.

About the breasts, obviously they are too fake like under plastic surgery. It is just too round perfect with no gravity. But I do care less as Mr Stahlberg always do this. It is up to you.

PS, your neck I can see improvement, But still I need a side view to check it out.


And actually I don’t know should I provide critiques after… just I lost interest in doing 3D…I don’t know is it appropriate (useful?).


Hey Dickma,

Now this a post I appreciate :slight_smile: It’s nice to get compliments of course but at the end of the day it’s critique like this that’ll help me make this model as good as it can be. So yes it is very useful.

Forearms too long - i think you ar eright. Will check against reference.
First finger joint too long - agreed.
Hand positions - I generally do always model hands facing down, however it made sense to me to do them like this as this is the mid position - the wrist can twist equally in both directions from here. Downward facing the wrist rotation is already maxed out.
Breasts - I could model 1000 different breaasts and no-one would ever be happy :slight_smile: these aren’t necessaarily modelled to my own personal preference but they will do for now. I may well change them to something a bit more natural in time.

Once again, thanks for your post. Sorry to hear you’ve lost interest. How come?



Well this is your personal thread and I don’t want to mention more.

Just the old problem that it is hard to get into the industry due to where you born (nationality problem). No matter how I doing good, still no chance. Actually is the industry similar as the funeral business? just kidding.

Can’t I see the other views?


Drum roll… here’s your side view…

Just noticed some weirdness to teh right of the eye. I’ll fx that now.

I’m interested in your thoughts.

You’ve got to keep your chin up and keep working away in your spare time and if you can get good enough the oppurtunities will come along. That’s my plan anyway :slight_smile:



That is another reason for me to think about why I lost interest in 3D… I have to deal with all views of the object, not just the front view.

Front view looking good isn’t equal to side view as well. (and what I want is a 90 degree sideview)

Lower jaw is poorly defined and the ear is pulled too backward because of the jaw.

Neck is still wrong, you keep the neck too vertically straight and didn’t pull her head forward and I cannot see the neck muscles defined well.

Shoulder depth is too swallow, I mean the width of z-axis.

It is still hard to do a critique if you just provide limited information.

(PS, are you British? actually I am also British…but I can’t work in UK.)