Revamped C4D integration, support for native Arnold materials with Vue and PlantFactory 2021.1



I was an e-on Vue customer from 2007 thru 2011.

Their software was incredibly buggy and then on top of that they got increasingly greedy with pricing and terms. It would be very difficult for them to win me over again.

And this:
Their c4d integration was essentially useless. The performance bridge was so painful that it effectively couldn’t be used. Their Max integration was, to my recollection, the only bridge that was stable and useful.


I also remember back then it being very unstable. But since then the Xtream edition became better and the prise got lower.
I consider it being closer to C4D for its ease of use compared to others like Terragen or World Machine, and feels like the duo C4D/BP with Plant Factory.