[Rev-Share] Looking For Low Poly 3D Artists For Isometrical Survival RPG


Hey all!
We are Rebound Studios, a team of 3 currently.
We are currently making a survival RPG, the scope for this project isn’t massive but not small either
(Perfectly balanced… as all things should be…)
The game takes place in the near future when a deadly virus outbreak starts causing the death of 65% of the human population.
Now. 5 years after the outbreak, humankind has been failing to survive, the virus still kills on a daily basis,
Your plane crashes on a mountain with your passengers. You find out that people live on the mountain, but you also find out it has a dark secret…

We are looking for low poly 3D artists who Can create characters and environments as well as props.
And must be able to animate.

If interested email me at rioishere14@gmail.com