[Rev-Share] Fantasy Concept Artist needed!!


Hello lovely people!

We are a small team working on an isometric RPG (Along the lines of Magicka) and we really need concept artists!

Cards on the table…We have no money. So this isn’t a paying opportunity but what it IS is a chance for you to join a group of pretty cool folks and work on a really fun project!

Not to mention my fabulous offer of CHOOSE YOUR OWN JOB TITLE. Should you join our ragtag group of rogue developers and wish to use us as a reference for future employers then I will personally write your reference with any job title of your choice. Do you want to be “Artist Supreme Overlord of the South”…Well with us you can be!!

Feel free to message me here or at my email address "dtosh93@hotmail.com" with any questions about the project.

FYI if you live in the UK I have snacks and I will share…

Thanks folks!

David Mackintosh