[rev share]Code Breaker Games - looking for video game artist


I’m looking for 3D artist that are interested in working on a hobby project with a small team. It is a basketball game with many original innovations and ideas.

The Team
The team currently consist of three members. Firstly, I am the programmer. I have formal education in programming and understand the process well. I also have self taught myself particularly in C# and Unity. Second is the marketing manager. He will research and use contact to get the game seen and heard. Third is our Audio Producer/Artist. For this project he will focus producing Sound FX and the soundtrack. The soundtrack will be a key marketing tool as it hopes to showcase good musicians and appeal to our market. We are the founders of what will soon be known as Code Breaker Games, LLC. I plan to incorporate in the coming weeks.

The Game
The game will be a basketball game similar to the NBA 2K Series. It will feature original teams and players. It will start an all new brand and image. The game will be developed using Unity 3D. It is currently in the rough prototype stage. I’m currently working on simple player mechanics, database structure, key elements codebase, and documentation. This game has a lot of potential and I plan to be sure it lives up to that potential. Some of the proposed ideas include:

· A unique personality engine.

· Unique situations due to personality, Ex: Fighting or storming off.

· Realistic and in depth financials.

· Wide array of player moves.

· Realistic 3D characters and environments.

· Online game modes.

The game will be developed primarily for PC. We will request approval for development of Xbox and Playstation consoles as well.

What We Need
What is needed is two artist who can design 2D artwork and 3D models. We need you to be able to design concepts and mockups in the planning stages of your art development, as well as be able to produce textures, 3D environments, character models, UI design, and some animation. We also welcome programmers with any experience in Unity physics, animation, and AI preferably in C#.

If you are interested I would need to see your work in some form of portfolio. All are welcome, but experience on a successful project is a big plus. You would also need to verify that you have legit software, ie: licensed 3d modeling software.

This is a hobby project where developers are assumed to have day jobs or other obligations. Therefore, I will not expect a lot of dedicated time to this project, but I will expect some consistency. I will create a detailed scheduled at certain stages of development. That schedule will have expected deadlines that should be maintained. It will allow plenty of time for expected task to be complete. The projected is expected to be release by the end of 2017.

At some point the game will be released and plans to make money. All revenues will be split as predetermined and agreed upon. The revenue splits are negotiable and will be offered at roughly equal shares depending on skill level. There will be no guaranteed income until at least the crowdfunding stages. During that process I will attempt to get guaranteed funds for work done, but at the expense of revenue shares which will be predetermined and agreed upon.

All work done for this game will be done under the Code Breakers, LLC. This means that during and after development Code Breakers, LLC will own all assets created for that purpose. All work is expected to be kept private until the time that marketing has started or the game has went public.

Contact Info
I check my emails often and respond to any communication pretty soon. Also feel free to check out the project page on teamups.net under the project name “Ball Out”.

Email: codebreakergames1@gmail.com
Skype: caco21