[Rev-Share] 2D Character Concept Artist


Our goal is to create a game that is very emotional. To create such a game we need very skilled and passionate Artists.


One Thing Left To Do focuses on an emotional and deep story with complex characters and relationships.

It tells the Story of Raymond E. Hanson who wants to commit suicide but just one moment before he does that he remembers that he can’t leave this world yet because there is still one thing left to do. And that’s opening “The Box” that his father gave him. He never opened it because he never felt ready for it. But now where he’s close to his death he want’s to take a look. When he opens the box “The 3 Shards” open the door to the world “Nevlas“. There he meets Surianne and Nue and his last adventure begins. His last goal. To pursue “The Light“.


Function description
The Concept Artist will create concepts for the characters (Raymond, Suri, etc.).

– Very creative

– The Artist should have a good eye for details

– Good Drawing/Painting skills

– Understanding of human anatomy, proportions and other Art Fundamentals

– Able to use Photoshop or other drawing programs. (Artist can use his preferred program)

– Traditional is accepted too

– Able to follow a given direction

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