Retroactive VFX oscar - Bladerunner


I don´t know about you guys, but to me the Planet of the Apes series have pushed the vfx envelope much more than Bladerunner 2049 ever did. I expected the last episode of the ape saga to get the VFX Oscar as a summary for the outstanding vfx work done on all the three episodes. To me the Bladerunner oscar is more of a late homage to one of the most visually influential films ever, than being the best this year. Anyways.


I’m surprised at those city scapes done with miniature! Incredible work!


I agree that Bladerunner 2049, being visually stunning, didn’t quite put the new bar. Though I rewatched it several times, and was captivated by its lighting and staging. To me it seemed it was a piece of cake for vfx artists, considering they mimicked what was done in 1980’s. For the most part. Of course digital doubles took a lot of time. I appreciated they made it seamless sequel.