Retro-technology, Emerson Godoi (3D)


Title: Retro-technology
Name: Emerson Godoi
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max

Tired from Future ? your problem is over !

This is a extension of a idea called “retrodesign”, and can show how we walk on the time, a lot of things keep in our past , almost forgotten, but can be alive in our memory, with humor, with remembrance, but is important to continue alive… cellular phones, make a future inovation , here , i mixed 2 times, and 2 tecnology epics, the dial telephone, and let then to resist on time evolution…

This made in 3dsmax, rendered in Vray, and finish work around in photoshop.

1 day to be done.

If you rage against the future, don´t think again.


very nice retro-design concept… 5 stars


wow, that almost makes me want to stop being the last person in the industrialized world to not have a cell phone! cool design, nice job!


Very clever! I like the concept


[left]Hey, very nice idea, I like it. Although I would be pretty unfamiliar to use with that big speaker and that huge dial :smiley:
The execution is quite solid, but I don’t like the ground plane to be evidently square… I’d blend the ground with the with background or make it a true “horizon”, but that’s just a thought…



cool,:slight_smile: id like to see it in wood lol.


Cool design and great idea:thumbsup:


nice concept mate and nice execution of the project


:thumbsup: extracooloriginalsuperb model :slight_smile:
Love the whole concept!


nice idea and design! 4 stars 4U!
Cara… muito legal! parabéns!


Really nice!

Loved the idea and design of it.

Like Texlon said. I didn’t like the white background either.
And a metal thing in the microphone it’s kinda too bright.

Beside that, simply great.

Good job!


looks nice
very realisum,congra!
your model always awsome:)lighting is nice


Essa foi muito boa… 5 estrelas…

That´s is very very nice… 5 stars to me…

One question…

1 - How weight is it ???

Mers. Nice concept… What the name is it … Telecel or Celuphone…

Cya Mate…


… one more thing…

No add abot this image… simply, nice, lights ok and ambient perfect.


WOw :slight_smile:

you have a free good mind its so nice idea
know you must start thinking about more reality

                              good luck egodoi :thumbsup:


I´m really very happy with all comments and would like to thank all replies, and the time wasting to check my work, this is a kind of concept in my portifolio , retrodesign really make me think about a lot of mixes, in a near future , will made a logo for this kind of collection and made more themes… thanks for all … and thanks for all rates in this image…


good idea!!! and nice render!!!


incredible concept, perfect execution !



very nice retro.idea!!!

i really love the concept… the render can be better hã?!? rss…
…anyway, very well done project!!

please continue posting the other images from the same series and keep walking dude!!



Nice one, Parabens:thumbsup: