Retro Rail


This is my entry for the NVart contest. Amtrak SSLC Mag-rail. SSLC (Super Sonic Luxury Class)
The main Magnetic Beam run through the lower part of the train itself. 2 stabilizing beams run on the outside, just underneath the left and right side. The main magnetic beam is held by a series of support beams. The beams collapse When the train is within a certain distance. They are tested automatically when the train is within 50 miles. If they malfunction, the train can safely stop before reaching the broken support.

I went for more of a muscle car meets train kind of feel. My dad rebuilt many muscle cars when I was a kid so I drew my inspiration from that as well as Syd’s awesome sauce of a style. If I had to pick, I would say the 57 Chevy and 72 Cutlass were the two greatest car influences.

The train and the station were modeled in Maya 2010 and textured with Photoshop. The Scene was Rendered using Mentalray w/Final Gather. Post done in Photoshop CS4


love the way you design the train. good job on this man. :wink: good luck!


The train goes around the planet … The interiors are made in the same style


Thanks cgdigi

Garr…I have no idea what you mean lol


the design is realy interesting, like futere-clasic style, good job JasonRoll.


Thanks Paul :slight_smile:


Gorgeous design, I’d love to see some of the interiors for this one.
Great job!


Thanks Nick. I was really wanting to finish some interiors for this but with this project and others for school…not enough time in the day :frowning:


sweet design, loving it good luck


Thanks Anime


looks really good. i like the nuveau feel to it, what with the overall design as well as colors. great job!


Thanks Keeper :slight_smile:


Just beautiful man. I think Syd Mead himself would say it looked awesome. And the description and story really add a cherry on top.


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