Retrieve a texture from an url


Does anybody know if it is possible to get a texture form a webserver?

My client has a lot of files which (for security reasons) may not be copied to our local drive. We can access them via urls.
Simply typing the url in the file node does not work.


Your client is very confused.


Do not get me started on my client :slight_smile:

But there is no solution ?


I don’t believe there is a solution to that. Not to suggest you go against your clients wishes, but can’t you just save the image from the URL? Never heard of anything like this.


The thing is, the client had several batches of around 1000 images a month which need to rendered. in a setting.
Easiest way was to let Maya directly use the online images.

We are now looking for a way to download all images at once from the online location and have them local to render them.


IF you do find a way to do what you originally intended, I would be curious as to how you did it. For future ref.


I think your best bet is to use Python. There seems to be a python library that can be used for downloading images from URLs. See this stack overflow question here: