Retrieve 3D model of furniture presented on the net



Today, on all websites selling furniture (like IKEA for example), the furniture is presented in 3D. Is there a way to retrieve these 3D objects directly from the websites or by requesting them?

Thank you all!


I hope not, those companies spend a lot of money creating that content. If you need the models for a business purpose, I’d suggest you contact the company directly.


OK thx for your reply Decency


I’ve stumbled a few furniture makers actually offering 3D models of their products to download from their website, some even with textures. But obviously not the photoreal scenes shown on Ikea though…


A lot of furniture makers in the contract furniture industry offer DWG files for download. They are intended to be used for space planning, not for rendering, and as a result they are usually highly decimated and do not include textures. It’s uncommon for retail furniture makers to offer them though since IKEA’s clientele would have no use for them.


IKEA has had their own 3d production team since the early 2000s. I’m sure they keep their content close as it’s their IP. However, I’d suggest networking with people that are or are closest to the decision makers. Most of them are on LinkedIn and if you can connect with them, you might be able to develop a relationship and learn more. However, I wouldn’t expect to get a “kiss on the first date” so to speak. IKEA’s manager for 3d development is quite active on LinkedIn, so there is plenty of content to listen or learn more info that may help you.

Sometimes you can find various models on the 3d print sites and other locations that are free for download. Occasionally, government agencies create 3d models and can be available for free. Again, that depends on the government and the uses. I see them post on Turbosquid sometimes. Depending on their regulations, they can offer them for free if tax player dollars paid for the creation of those items and if it doesn’t represent a conflict with any security regulations.