Retopology of high detailed models


guys ,
how could i retopology these kind of high detailed models to export it as a low res for maya ? zremesh or ( hard way) topogun

  • please recommend to me a name of good tutorial for this issue



Are you going to use these models in Maya projects or will you be taking them into a game engine? If you just want a lower resolution version for Maya, maybe take a look at Decimation Master.


yes. for maya but decimation master makes triangles . i think that isnot professional method for pipeline


If you were going to animate these models, then I would agree that triangles are not good, but since these are simply static meshes, for use in your Maya projects, I don’t see a problem. But, it’s up to you. If you don’t want triangles then you can either use ZRemesher or manually retopo. Good luck.